Presentty is a console-based presentation program based on RestructuredText.

It allows you to quickly create simple, good-looking presentation by simply writing text files, and you need not sacrifice any of the modern conveniences. It's great for lightning talks or full-length presentations.

It supports full-color slides, ANSI art, cowsay, figlet, syntax highlighting, images (via conversion to ASCII art), and animated transitions between slides. It has a presenters console which operates locally or remotely over the network and can display the current and next slides, presenter notes, and a timer.

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When I'm shooting in the field I carry around a notepad of exposure record forms where I record subject information, luminosity, camera geometry, exposure values, and other notes. This form is included in ExiFilm as a PostScript document.

I scan all of my film at a moderate resolution to JPEG files for digital light-table purposes. It's convenient to have the notes that I took while shooting available with the files, and what better place to store them than in the files themselves. The program ExiFilm is used to enter that information and add to the EXIF tags of the files.

I keep the original sheet film in a three ring binder, so to make the same information conveniently accessible with the film, the package includes a program that sets the metadata in the exposure record form and produces PostScript output of four exposure forms that I bind in right behind their corresponding sheet film.

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Yes, the world did need another blogging system.

I needed software that I could incorporate into websites that are not merely blogs. A component blogging system. But not one that pulled in a heavyweight application server.

I like TurboGears because it incorporates the best parts of Zope: XHTML page templates, an object oriented database, transactions, object dispatch, input validation, and error handling, but is somewhat lighter weight and easier to work with if your goal isn't strictly content management (like Plone which I also like).

The world also needed blog software with a cool name from letterpress printing.

Quoins is a component blogging system for TurboGears. You can incorporate it easily into your TurboGears application, whatever it may be. The Articles section of this site is Quoins.

Quoins has received rave reviews:

And... I think yours is the first OpenID comment I've used that actually, well, worked properly.

— Jay Cuthrell

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