If you ever see this chuckwagon, eat there.


They have some of the best barbecue I've ever had.  Ever.

The sign appears to say "BBQ Ribs".  But look closer, it's two signs. "BBQ".  "Ribs".  They serve all kinds, including pulled pork.  Oh, and the sweet tea is just right.

You can see the smoker hanging off the back of the wagon, and they haul the whole thing behind the truck (plus camper) visible on the left.

They operate out of Colorado, traveling around to festivals, dog shows, and other events during warm weather (it's not a cold-weather wagon).  We encountered them in Moab, Utah, setting up for Jeep Safari week (just as we were getting out of town).  On our way out we must have seen hundreds of Jeeps on the highway (many being towed) heading the other direction.

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