Large Format Photography

This is my Toyo 45CF, a lightweight 4x5 large format field camera.

It weighs about as much as a good SLR with a couple of lenses, and easily fits in a backpack with all the associated equipment. That means I can carry it anywhere that I would carry an SLR.

On the rare occasions that I carry it to a place with other people, they often comment on what a quaint old camera I have. While it shares the same design as a 19th century camera, this one is made of carbon-fiber composites.

As for the lens, I could put an antique lens on it, however I'm currently using a modern Rodenstock aspherical lens. It has a very large image circle so that I can use all of the 45CF's movements without vignetting, and has very fine resolution, which is great on a sharp film like Velvia. The most recent Velvia was introduced in 2007.

Some of my photographs are available on this site. They are largely unprocessed scans from an Epson V700 flatbed scanner. Where available, they include information about how the photograph was taken.

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